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So what is unique about our range of performance eyewear.

FOG3 Glasses and Sunglasses not only outperform normal protective eyewear with their Anti-Fogging performance, they also maintain their Superior level of performance for up to 2-3 times longer. Our entire range features shatterproof lenses with  UV400 filters. They also exceed both European (EN166,EN170 and EN172) and American (Z87.1) safety standards for both U.V filtration and impact resistance.

Anti-Fog performance glasses are our speciality.

Our shatterproof UV400 glasses/sunglasses feature our ground breaking FOG3® antifog coating which is applied using the latest precision technology. Read More >

The truth about standard Anti-fog treatments.

Normal so called fog-free or anti-fog coatings perform to a very low standard and only remain effective for a short time. FOG3® will out perform them. Heres how. See Innovation Below>


New technologies deserve a new approach

We were not happy with the performance of standard anti-fog eyewear so we set out to find a better solution pardon the pun. Our research was worldwide and we finally concluded that we had found the best performing treatment available, but it did not end there as it also became apparent that the precise application of our secret recipe was just as important as the compound when it comes to Anti-fogging performance.


Another factor is that glasses/sunglasses with standard or even enhanced Anti-fog treatments regularly suffer from a reasonably quick deterioration in their effectiveness. The truth of the matter is that once the factory coating has rubbed or washed off then applying third party solutions will not achieve the original performance or longevity as the exacting and precise standards of application achieved in the factory can not be replicated.


So to conclude: We found the best Anti-fog solution money can buy and that the application had to be beyond microscopically accurate. Only then could we ensure the performance and longevity of the treatment.


Buy FOG3 eyewear it not only outperforms normal Anti-Fog eyewear but the active lifespan of the anti-fog treatment will be up to 2-3 times longer. Add the fact that our range is so affordable and there is no excuse for you to have glasses or goggles that fog.

FOG3® is our intellectual property and so can only be sold by us.